Weekly advice customized to your future goals to guide you to own your bright future in college, life, and career.

Actionable and personal strategy to create your college and career path.

Your passionate future can be achieved with careful planning and an open mind. Artis is designed to be with you all along the way, with starting points from middle school through high school. Download the app and get started by identifying your age, goals, and interests. The rest will come in easily digestible weekly advice tailored to your own goals, preparing you to attain the life you’ve been dreaming of.

How it Works

Tell us about your goals 

Fill out a brief assessment so
we get to know you.

A personal plan just for you

Customized advice for classes, entrance exams, clubs, internships, community service and more.

Receive weekly guidance

Strategy and reminders of important deadlines delivered to your phone.

Your Bright Future Requires A Plan:

  • Identify high value skills, passions, and interests that you already have and expand on them.
  • Build a transcript and résumé that makes you stand out.
  • Take the college entrance exams that are right for you when you need to take them.
  • Craft your own unique story with a personal statement you can use in college applications, interviews, and more.
  • Find colleges and explore career paths that are a great fit for you.
  • Stay organized with deadline tracking and scheduling tools.
  • Plan for a healthy financial future with scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs.

Sparking Passion For College. Life. Career.

Ivy League college admissions specialist Greg Kaplan takes his knowledge and dedication to helping kids find a passion and dream career of their own and distills it into an app that helps them “craft their bright future” in college, life, and career. Through custom and achievable weekly guidance, Artis inspires teens to reach their goals.

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