Colleges You Should Know About: Cooper Union

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September 26, 2017


Greg Kaplan

Tips and Tricks

Students interested in applying for college in New York City may have their hearts set on NYU or Columbia.  These schools provide excellent educational opportunities, but admit very few applicants and, without financial aid or scholarships, at a staggering cost. 

Cooper Union, another elite college in New York City, offers undergraduate degrees in engineering, architecture, and the fine arts.  Located in Manhattan, Cooper Union provides every student with a HALF TUITION SCHOLARSHIP (worth $21,000).  This reduces the cost of tuition to $21,000 per year.  Cooper Union is highly regarded for its specialized programs (arts and engineering), and grads are highly sought after.  It is worth mentioning that Cooper Union offers an intimate college experience: the student body is just 876. 

As a college counselor, I share this advice to families of students craving New York City as a living laboratory for their college experience—consider Cooper Union.  Not only is the price right for this school, but its specialized arts, architecture, and engineering programs are internationally recognized.  Your child’s possibilities at this college are limitless.  The cost of attendance provides many students with increased flexibility after they graduate.       

The catch: the secret is out…  Admissions rates hover around 15%.

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