Colleges You Should Know About: The Webb Institute

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August 21, 2017


Greg Kaplan

Tips and Tricks

The first college in our series of colleges you should know about is the Webb Institute.  The Webb Institute is a private undergraduate engineering college in Glen Cove, New York, on Long Island. 

Each graduate of Webb Institute earns a Bachelor of Science degree in naval architecture and marine engineering. 

Why you should know about it:  FREE TUITION & 100% of students are EMPLOYED upon graduation (read: it's affordable, and your kids are not moving home after they graduate).  The catch: it's tiny (80 students total).  While not the traditional college experience, Webb Institute offers students a residential college experience and a degree they will use to find a long-term job upon graduation.  For students interested in studying engineering or naval science who are interested in an intimate educational experience, this school may be the right fit.  The price is right too.  Webb institute gets two thumbs up from this college counselor.

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