Do You Know What Your Applicant Is Doing This Summer?

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February 4, 2019


Greg Kaplan

Tips and Tricks

This year is flying by, and before you know it, summer will arrive.  Now is a good time to ask what child will do to maximize summer break.  Summer is an opportunity for your child to prep for the SAT without the pressure of classwork, intern at a local nonprofit or university to develop skills in an area she is passionate about, volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to her, or take a summer school class at a local college in a field that excites her.  Whatever your child does this summer, encourage growth opportunities that benefit your child and her college applications.

Finding the right summer plans depends on your child’s college goals.  One of the most important parts of the college application is the SAT/ACT.  If your child needs additional time to prepare for it, consider a prep program during the summer. If your child has additional free time, consider internships or activities that will give your child perspective or skills that college admissions officers value. For example, a future psychology student would benefit from an internship in a psychology lab at a local university, or from volunteering with an organization that provides counseling services.

Whatever your child does this summer, make sure it supports her eventual application theme and adds to the essays, activities, grades, and test scores that will make up her applications.

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