College Admissions in the COVID-19 Era

Posted on

June 15, 2020


Greg Kaplan


Much like every other facet of our lives, COVID-19 has brought massive changes to the college admissions process. From once required to now test optional requirements for the SAT/ACT, to online classes, to canceled extracurricular activities, we are all living in a brand new world of earning admission to college. Future admission cycle is going to look vastly different from years past.

With entrance exams becoming optional at more and more schools, it is more important than ever to shine through your transcript and earn the best grades possible. It is also important to continue engaging in activities and causes that interest you and build your own story not just a COVID-19 related one.

In these difficult and often unnerving times, students still have the potential to address serious challenges we face as a society. Students must remain dedicated to who they are as people. If they are interested in business, create an online shop, the proceeds of which benefit a cause close to their hearts. If passionate about mental health, they can publish a blog or book that encourages readers to be kind and caring to each other. Students interested in promoting inclusion towards those with developmental disabilities can also teach kindness and empathy through online formats. 

Any difference, in any area of life that matters to them, no matter how big or small, is an improvement on the status quo and shows their ability to apply their passions to improve their community. This is exactly what colleges are looking for when they evaluate candidates for admission and, more importantly, these options are examples of an incredible legacy students can create for themselves at a young age.

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