1- What is Artis College Admissions?

Artis College Admissions is the first mobile app that provides weekly, easily-digestible college and career planning advice that is customized to a user’s interests, activities, and goals. Artis College Admissions covers grades 7-12 and is always expanding to cover new and non-traditional paths to a bright future.

2- Will Artis College Admissions work on my phone/tablet/smart device?

Artis College Admissions is available on Apple and Android phones, tablets, and smart devices. Artis is free to download.

3- How does Artis College Admissions work?

The Artis assessment powers an algorithm developed by our college admissions advising experts that will create a custom expert plan for you or your child. Simply take the assessment and you will receive a custom weekly plan tailored to your interests, activities, and goals.  Artis is built off our one-on-one coaching program that has helped students earn admission to Yale, Brown, Columbia, UCLA, and full tuition scholarships to many more schools throughout the United States.

4- What does Artis College Admissions do?

Artis College Admissions prepares families to tailor every aspect of the college admissions process to their child’s health, happiness, and financial independence with easy to implement advice designed for each particular week based on the application process and school calendar. From building a transcript, to preparing for the SAT/ACT, to writing a personal statement and filling out the application forms, Artis College Admissions will help you every step of the way. Beyond college, Artis College Admissions helps families create a financially sound way to achieve long-term goals through scholarships and financial aid, and helps students explore career paths.

5- Who can use Artis College Admissions?

Both parents and students can use Artis College Admissions. Either a student or parent can send a free copy of their weekly advice to their parent/student so everyone is on the same page. Let Artis College Admissions do the reminding so you can avoid the nagging.

6- What’s included in the FREE 14-Day Trial version of Artis College App?

The free 14-day trial gives you full access to all of the features in the app. Artis College App covers every part of the college admissions and career planning process: building a transcript, preparing for the SAT/ACT, key deadlines and reminders, tips and tricks for a healthier mindset in this process, extracurricular activities, essays, application forms, community service, and much more, so students can build applications that stand out and earn admission in a low-stress way. Beyond earning admission, you will receive guidance on reducing the cost of a college education through scholarships and financial aid and provides weekly prompts for career exploration to make the college process more meaningful.

7- I want to go to [insert name of college] here? Can Artis College Admissions help me with my dream school?

Currently Artis College Admissions offers support for over 350 colleges in the United States including the major flagship and state universities for all fifty states (i.e. University of Colorado and Colorado State) plus hundreds of private colleges throughout the country that offer a wide variety of experiences that students seek in different settings and locations. From Harvard to Humboldt State, Artis College Admissions has you covered. We are continuing to add more colleges to our program each week. Even if you do not see your dream school on the list, the program is designed to prepare you for the application process for any college. Please pick another one that interests you.

8- When should I start planning for college and my future?

Many think the college and life planning process begins in twelfth grade. However, starting earlier allows you to determine what is the best fit for your family and build a more compelling application and story. Our goal is for you to accomplish the different parts of this process in a low-stress manner, which can be done by starting early and implementing a thoughtful plan.

9- Why is everyone in my community stressed out about applying to college?

No. We built Artis College Admissions to compliment the information you receive from school. Sadly, only 40% of public high school students report receiving any college admissions advice. Those lucky few who do receive help, receive on average only 38 minutes of advice throughout all four years of high school. We built Artis College Admissions to make sure that all students have the guidance they need to navigate this process and make it work for their goals and dreams.

10- I want to work with a private college counselor. How can I find one?

Artis College Admissions was built by a team of college counselors. To inquire about one-on-one advising, click here to connect with a member of the team.

11- I am not sure I want to go to college. Can you help me decide?

We understand. Going to college is a very large investment. Our goal is for students to create a plan for their futures and ask themselves how a college education will help them achieve their goals. Working through this process will help you make that decision and allow that choice to be yours.

12- Does Artis work for home-schooled students?

YES! Artis College Admissions encourages students to explore academic interests outside the classroom through extracurricular activities available in your community, and is appropriate for students learning in non-traditional settings. Artis College Admissions also provides targeted advice for testing and the application forms and essays that are important for homeschooled students to market in their applications.