Artis is proud to partner with schools and other nonprofit organizations that support youth development.

Artis Give Back Program: Earn Funds for Your School/Organization

Artis partners with schools and 501(c)(3) organizations including PTAs, foundations, youth community service organizations, after school programs, and sports programs by donating 5% of premium subscription revenue generated by their members back to the organizations they are affiliated with. Partnering with Artis is simple: we assign your school/organization a unique ID code to input into the app and materials to inform your community of the partnership. Artis will send you a monthly accounting and donation to your school/organization for the amount generated by your members.

Artis: Donating Premium Subscriptions to Resource-Challenged Communities

Artis was created out of the belief that every student deserves the tools to craft their own bright future. For every purchased premium subscription, Artis will donate a premium subscription to schools and organizations serving resource-challenged students.

To explore partnership opportunities with your school or nonprofit organization, please email us at